In MarketingJuly 7, 20222 Minutes

Marketing is all about keeping things simple rather than complicating it

A renowned dance institute approached us to market their annual intercollege dance fest. The client wanted to create a buzz about the event and reach a maximum number of people in the most organic way.

Whenever a client brief comes to Cbetter, we have made it a practice to invite everyone from the team for a brainstorming session. So for this brief too, we asked everyone to shut down their systems and join in for a brainstorming session.

We shared the brief and asked people to come up with the craziest and the stupidest ideas they could think of. One of our team members shared how they would create buzz for their college fest by getting a maximum number of likes on a post relating to the fest.


We got the idea!

We discussed the idea with the client and the client also liked it. We introduced online voting for the fest contests just like reality shows and also introduced a wild card entry to the finals.

We recorded the videos of all the colleges participating in the regional rounds and uploaded them on Instagram within 24 hours of the regional contest.

5 Colleges from each category with the maximum number of likes on their video wouldl be given preference in the next round and one wild card entry would be chosen to directly perform in the final round of the fest.

Without spending any amount on the ads, and by just making a small investment in the recording of the videos and editing them, we were able to achieve the following results.