A few years ago, we launched a brand-building campaign for the photography brand, Speaking Frames.

Since we had a shoestring budget, we planned to do something that would give us more organic reach. We had been wanting to work on a campaign that helped amplify women’s voices and this seemed like the right time. So we did the campaign and the results were something we couldn’t have imagined.

By spending less than 5000 INR, we were able to get more than 2 million shares and a reach of 20 Million on social media platforms.

Women Empowerment CBetter Campaign

We first brainstormed with the team and finalised the core idea that we will be doing a ‘breaking the stereotype’ campaign by raising awareness around women’s empowerment.

We knew that the content would be the key element here. We started by reaching out to around 50 young women in our network and had a healthy discussion with them about the issues they faced in their daily life. Based on the real-life incidents shared by these women, we created 15 different quotes in the form of posters.

We could have done the photoshoot with these same women or with professional models but we decided to take up a challenge and do the shoot with strangers in public places in Jaipur. We approached several women to know their feedback on the same and if they were willing to pose with these quotes.

Women Empowerment Cbetter

We were amazed by the response we received. We did not come across a single woman who would have told us that the quotes written on the posters were not true.

We did the shoot and shared the campaign on Facebook with an ad budget of INR 1000. 

And boooooooom!

We could not believe what happened after that.

CBetter Campaign Women Empowerment

Messages started flowing in, celebrities started sharing the campaign on their Twitter handles and the media started approaching us to cover the campaign in their publication.

Within a week, it was all over the place.

If the intent is in place, you don’t need a lot of budget to market your campaign.

CBetter Campaign Women Empowerment