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Step Beyond Traditional—Go Digital with Cbetter.

Still spending on traditional media? What if you could channel that investment into more targeted, cost-effective solutions? Imagine spending less and gaining more with smart digital strategies.

Why spend ₹10 lakh on a newspaper ad for just a handful of leads when you can invest ₹1 lakh in Google Ads with Cbetter and attract hundreds of qualified buyers? The smart money is on digital.
Cbetter specializes in real estate digital marketing that maximizes your ROI, positioning your properties in front of the right audience at the right time.

We’ve Consistently Delivered Exceptional Results.

As a leading real estate marketing agency, Cbetter doesn’t just spend your budget—we invest it in strategies that bring real, measurable returns.

Cross-Platform Expertise

From real estate social media marketing to SEO, we ensure your properties stand out across all platforms.

Data-Driven Strategies

Our analytics-driven approach means every decision is calculated to maximize your conversions.

Google Ads Management for Real Estate

Harness the power of precise targeting with Cbetter’s Google Ads management. As a premier digital marketing agency for real estate, we focus on creating high-performance campaigns that outmatch any traditional media effort.

PPC Management Services

Our PPC strategies are designed for real estate marketing agents who demand efficiency and effectiveness. We optimize every aspect of your campaigns to ensure a higher ROI from your ad spend.

Lead Generation Services

Real estate lead generation services are the cornerstone of our strategy. We utilize a mix of digital channels to attract and engage potential buyers actively seeking properties.

Email Marketing

Our email marketing strategies are tailored to connect directly with your audience, turning interest into action and browsers into buyers.

Ad Publisher Network

Expand your reach beyond the usual with our Ad Publisher Network. We place your properties in strategic locations online, boosting visibility and engagement.

App Installs

Increase app downloads with targeted Google Ads, social media, and our Ad Network, designed for visibility and user engagement.

Meta Ads Management

As experts in real estate social media marketing companies, we craft compelling social media campaigns that catch the eye of your target demographic in the bustling digital landscape.

Comprehensive Digital Marketing Solutions

As your comprehensive real estate digital marketing agency, Cbetter manages all facets of your digital presence, ensuring a unified and impactful approach to your marketing efforts.

Performance Marketing Consultation

Leverage our expertise to enhance your digital campaigns. With Cbetter, you gain access to top-tier consultancy that drives real-world results.

From Traditional to Exceptional:

The Cbetter Promise.

We realign your marketing from outdated traditional methods to cutting-edge digital strategies, ensuring every investment is optimized for the highest returns.


Years of Excellence


Media Managed




Revenue Generated

Sahil Agrawal

Founder, Qubit Capital

sahil agarwal HippocabsxCbetter

We at Qubit Capital have partnered with Cbetter for 3 years, relying on their expertise for lead generation. Their professionalism is unmatched. Highly recommended.

Results that speak for themselves

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From Impressions to Impact

Strategic Engagement, Exceptional Conversion

Brand Visibility Skyrocketed

2,660,505 Impressions

Our campaign made a splash with over 2.6 million impressions, casting a wide net to capture attention across the board, vastly increasing brand awareness.

Targeted Reach Achieved

856,288 Reached

We didn't just broadcast; we connected, reaching over 850,000 potential leads with precise targeting to ensure quality engagement.

Click-Through Success

60,947 Clicks | 2.29% CTR

With a click-through rate of 2.29%, our content resonated with audiences, leading to a high number of site visits and potential conversions.

Cost-Effective Conversions

13,643 Leads | Rs. 36.74 CPL

Turning interest into action, we secured 13,643 leads at an efficient cost per lead, maximizing ROI with strategic spending.

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Logo of Hamriyah Free Zone Authority featuring a stylized white bird in flight against a split background of blue and red, with Arabic and English text referencing real estate.

Maximizing Impact, Minimizing Cost

Connecting Commerce: From Local Prestige to Global Presence

Aerial view of Dubai real estate skyline featuring the Burj Khalifa and complex highway interchanges during sunrise.

Global Reach, Local Impact

Gained 2430 leads in 3 months

Crafting a bespoke landing page and targeted campaigns, we not only met but surpassed our lead acquisition target, connecting global investors to local opportunities.

Strategic Visibility

Exposure across Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Quora

Our diversified ad strategy elevated HFZA's presence, turning regional expertise into an internationally recognized hub for commerce and investment.

Conversion Excellence

Overall conversion rate: 5.68%

Our campaigns weren't just creative; they were effective. With tailored messaging, we converted clicks into meaningful business interactions.

Beyond the Click

Creative content that resonates

We didn't just reach an audience; we engaged them with compelling content, turning inspiration into action and inquiries into enterprise.

Logo of

Synergized Strategies, Stellar Outcomes

Maximizing Impact Across Digital Landscapes

Digital Impressions Made Real

Impressions: 3.5M | Clicks: 70K

We amplified the client’s digital footprint with 3.5 million impressions across platforms, driving a massive 70,000 clicks, setting the stage for robust lead generation in the real estate market.

Social Media Synergy

Combined CTR: 2%

By blending Facebook's detailed targeting with Instagram's visual appeal, and Google's network we achieved a solid 2% click-through rate, proving that our content not only reached but resonated with the right audience.

Leads that Build Futures

Leads: 613 | CPL: ₹392

Our strategic campaigns translated into 613 potential opportunities, each at an efficient cost per lead, laying down the bricks for our client's business growth.

Return on Investment Refined

Cost: ₹240,000 | Leads: 613

Optimized the client’s ad spend to not just meet but exceed lead expectations, yielding tangible results in a competitive real estate market.

A modern multi-story residential real estate apartment building with balconies, a white car parked in front, and decorative palm trees.

Elevate Your Brand to New Heights

Dream big and dive in with Cbetter.
Your journey from innovative concept to market triumph starts here. Partner with us for bespoke digital marketing strategies that make your brand shine and your message roar.

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Certified Expertise Across Platforms

Data-Driven Strategies for Custom Solutions

Transparent, Results-Focused Partnerships

8+ Years of experience of working with 200+ clients

If you've got questions, we've got the answers.

Cbetter stands out as a leading real estate digital marketing agency because we blend advanced technology with proven strategies to deliver measurable results that truly impact your sales and brand visibility.

We are confident in our ability to deliver. If we cannot generate qualified leads for you, we will refund our agency fee. Please note that the conversion of these leads is not within our control. The success of the campaign depends on your team’s efficiency in converting the leads.

We provide comprehensive services including Google Ads, social media marketing, and real estate lead generation services, all tailored to the unique needs of real estate professionals to maximize their online presence and lead conversion.

As experts in real estate social media marketing, we create engaging content and targeted campaigns that reach potential buyers directly, increasing engagement and driving higher conversion rates.

Our expertise as a real estate branding agency allows us to craft compelling brand narratives that resonate with your target audience, distinguishing your properties in a crowded market.

We utilize cutting-edge analytics and strategic targeting to optimize our real estate lead generation services, ensuring that every campaign delivers high-quality leads that are more likely to convert into sales.

Our promise means that if our targeted strategies and campaigns do not meet the specific objectives we set together, we will refund our agency fee. This guarantee underscores our commitment to delivering value and building trust with our clients.

While timelines can vary, typically, clients observe notable improvements in lead quality and engagement within the first few weeks of initiating our digital marketing strategies.

Unlike many agencies, Cbetter focuses specifically on the real estate market, employing a suite of specialized tactics designed to enhance online visibility and attract serious buyers effectively.

Absolutely. We offer a holistic approach, managing all aspects of digital marketing from PPC campaigns to email marketing, ensuring a cohesive strategy that maximizes your investment and results.

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